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Indian Restaurant In Bradford, Ontario

One of the most exciting eateries to open in Bradford, Ontario in years – The Uttara-Khand India team have years of experience and it shows, from the decor to the presentation – everything is authentic and perfect!


Ultimate dining experience
With the opening of Uttara-Khand India in the thriving community of Bradford, Ontario Balwant Rathour continues to deliver his signature dishes and unique tastes from his native region of Uttara Khand in Northern India. Uttara Khand, India is unique in many aspects but perhaps one of the more notable unique traits is the amazing taste experience that comes from local recipes.

Those that are familar with Indian cuisine will recognize many popular dishes on the
Uttara-Khand India menu but they do come with a special twist. From the special cooking style native to the region along with select spices and other “secrets”
passed down through the generations, you are sure to be in for a special, tasty

We want to take this time to thank you for visiting Uttara-Khand India and enjoying some of the awesome dishes brought to you from the Uttara Khand region.

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